About the Principled Selling book

How to win more business without selling your soul

The only way to sell in the new world of social business and inbound marketing.

By David Tovey – Published by Kogan Page

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Principled Selling is a different, more effective approach to winning business which builds better, more profitable long term relationships between seller and buyer, making both parties feel comfortable in the process. Whether you sell full time or need to win business as part of your role, Principled Selling will help you build trusted relationships with customers and clients’ who buy and re-buy.

“David Tovey’s ‘Principled Selling’ is a thoroughly excellent read and will be a major contributor towards the practice of professional selling. Get the book, do what it says, and you will achieve outstanding results”. Richard Denny author ‘Selling to Win’.

The stereotypical salesperson is pushy, manipulative and persistent. Most people don’t like buying from them and the traditional hard sell consistently fails to get results and it kills the the trusted relationship that today’s inbound marketing creates with potential customers.  Buyer behaviour has changed and anyone who needs to win more business has  to respond to the reality of the business environment. Principled Selling gives you that response in the form of a new approach to selling that  differentiates you by how you sell and results in more sales.

“If you want more sales, stop ‘selling’.” David Tovey

This highly effective, proven Principled Approach to business development helps you align your sales techniques with the new expectations of customers and clients. It gets people to buy from you again and again and gives you a real opportunity to get ahead of the game. If you’d like to increase your sales without ever having to cold call or always be closing , this is the book for you.

Contents overview:

Foreword by Charles H Green, author ‘The Trusted Advisor’

Section one: The Principled Selling Approach

Section two: Principled Selling in Action

Section three: Building a Principled Selling Culture

  1. Winning more business today
  2. The five principles of Principled Selling
  3. The Principled Selling Growth Model
  4. Bringing the Growth Model to life
  5. M2M (Motivate to Meet) Marketing
  6. Winning more business with networking and social media
  7. M2B (Motivating customers to buy)
  8. M2B (Motivate to buy) skills and behaviours
  9. Propsosals and presentations that WOW!
  10. Principled Selling Key Account Management
  11. The Principled Organisation
  12. Attitude and making time for Principed Selling

“I would urge all companies and their employees, and not just those with a sales or business development functional label, to absorb the wisdom in this book. A book for, and of, our time. Totally relevant, easy to understand and put into practice.” Trevor Lee, Managing Partner EP International.

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